Customer satisfaction

The customer's evaluation and perception is very important to ACCIONA Real Estate.

This is why we have introduced a procedure for establishing the level of customer satisfaction at ACCIONA Real Estate. These periodic evaluations serve as a tool for improving our business management.

We also use surveys at events that are open to the public to gather opinions from potential customers regarding eco-efficient housing. The majority of respondents value eco-efficiency positively and are inclined to purchase an eco-efficient home.

In the process of measuring customer satisfaction with the residential promotions carried out over the past year, aspects such as satisfaction at the point of sale and contract signing were taken into account, as were the evaluation of the real estate itself and the offer, the daily functioning of the home, and the customer perception following purchase. The most highly-valued aspects were the interior of the property, (7.49), the exterior (7.32), and the offer/price-to-value ratio (7.06).

For measuring customer satisfaction with other types of properties over the past year, the aspects taken most into account were the signing of public deeds, the conditions of the property at the time of its hand over, and the level of customer service received. The most highly valued aspects were the in regard to the property's location and accesses, as well as the building's telecommunications systems.

Additionally, with the aim of promoting efficient consumption of energy and water and waste management, ACCIONA Real Estate offers its customers the book, “Advice for protecting the environment”